Marina Aven Brazil
Marina Aven Disponibiliza uma série de serviços para você e sua embarcação


Ponto de Água Doce

Energia Elétrica

Serviços de Reparos

Segurança 24 hs

Entre em Contato
Estamos lhe aguardando:

+55 98 3227-5492

Avenida Nina Rodrigues, Nº 01, Ponta D’Areia – São Luis - MA

VHF Ch:16

+55 98 3227-5492

Lat:-2.50496 Lon:-44.313448



Guest Docking

Reserve one of our four spots designated to foreign boats

Fresh Water

Near water connection with hose for water tanks

Electric power

Electrical hook-up points four boats at the pier or at the shore


Handy professionals to make small repairs

How to approach Marina Aven ?

Check the route bellow. Click the points on the map or the arrows to see a way point’s specific description.

    Be our guest

    Visitors are more than welcome.
    Marina Aven has 4 berths at the pier and 4 drying moorings designated for foreign boats. Also your own anchoring is available. If your boat is a cat or can lay the bottom on sand Dry Out spots at the beach are another option.
    All the facilities as electric power and water are included on Marina’s rates. Beside that our guests will be well served at the bar & restaurant and enjoy all our other amenities.

    Make Your Reservation

    Immigration Clearance in São Luis

    Check the steps for Clearance in São Luis

    1) Immigration – First go to the Immigration office (Police Federal) with all the crew and passports. They will issue the “Passe de Entrada de embarcação”  (Entry pass for a ship). Do not lose it as it will have to be returned when you leave that port.


    2) Customs – Next, go to Customs (Receita Federal). They will issue a TECAT (Termo de concessao de admission temporaria).  This document gives you the right to enter your yacht without paying tax because you are transiting and not staying or running a business. Although the Receita Federal only needs to be visited on first entry and on exit from Brazil, it is likely that you will need to produce this document many times.


    3) Health Authorities –  Then, the Health Authorities (Vigilancia Sanitaria)- with the compilation of everything plus vaccination docs if any.


    4) Port Captain –  Finally, visit the Port Captain (Capitania dos Portos) with all the forms and documentation previously produced. Here yet another form has to be filled in. This is a cruising permit (passe de saida) and will be issued at the port of entry by the Port Captain. This form is another ‘do not loose’ one as it will then be stamped at every port you enter.  If staying longer than 90 days, ensure that this permit is renewed in time. It is also particularly important to conform to the dress code at this office.

    Useful phones
    Immigration Office – DELEMIG/SR/DPF/MA

    DPF: Mr. Luis André Lima Almeida
    Immigration Control: (98) 3131-5171
    Passport Sector: (98) 3131-5172
    Address: Aeroporto Internacional Mal. Cunha Machado, s/n. Avenida dos Libaneses – São Cristovão

    Customs – Receita Federal

    Phone: (98) 3218-7017
    Address: Rua Osvaldo Cruz, nº 1618. Canto Fabril. De 07:00 às 19:00

    Health Authorities

    Phone: (98) 3221-2257
    Address: Av. Alexandre de Moura, 182, São Luís – MA, 65025-470

    Port Captain

    Capitão de Mar-e-Guerra: André Luiz Trindade Gomes
    Phone: (98) 2107-0121
    Address: Av. Dom Pedro ll, Nº:78 – Centro, São Luís – MA, 65010-450

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