Marina Aven Brazil
Marina Aven Disponibiliza uma série de serviços para você e sua embarcação


Ponto de Água Doce

Energia Elétrica

Serviços de Reparos

Segurança 24 hs

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Estamos lhe aguardando:

+55 98 3227-5492

Avenida Nina Rodrigues, Nº 01, Ponta D’Areia – São Luis - MA

VHF Ch:16

+55 98 3227-5492

Lat:-2.50496 Lon:-44.313448



MARINA AVEN just got a completely new illumination system. The system was build with powerfull spot lights along the shore, ambience ligths at the restaurant and move sensor at the pier. Sailling at the moonlight just got better.    ...

The restaurant is located at the pier, very close to the boats. The sunset view is great and you can extend to appreciate the moonrise sitting over the ocean. Our chef offers mainly local typical dishes of seafood. Fish, crabs,...

After you get in Ponta D'Areia point your nose to our pier.   Visitors are more than welcome. Marina Aven has 6 berths at the pier and 4 drying moorings designated for foreign boats. Also your own anchoring is available. If your boat...

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